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Are you having trouble getting your Workers’ Compensation benefits? David E. Friedes & Associates is here to help.

You need financial compensation when you are hurt. Workers’ Compensation benefits are essential to pay for treatment, rehabilitation, and supplement your income when you cannot work.

If your employer or insurance company has denied your request for benefits, contact my office and speak to an experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney.

Workers’ Compensation affects other benefits

Did you know that public disability payments, such as Workers’ Compensation, could affect your Social Security benefits? Civil service disability benefits, state temporary benefits, and government retirement benefits, based on a disability, can all lower the amount of your Social Security benefits.

The Social Security Administration determines that you are only entitled to 80 percent of your average income, before you became disabled. Even so, the government still allows you to collect Workers’ Compensation and Social Security benefits simultaneously when you become disabled.

To determine how Workers’ Compensation or other public disability benefits could affect your Social Security, speak to an attorney at David E. Friedes & Associates. You must report all changes in benefits immediately, including lump sum and monthly payments. I can show you how to maximize your benefits.

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