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Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Toledo Supplemental Security Income Attorney Helps Disabled Clients

Ohio firm offers strong counsel for people seeking financial assistance

Disabled and elderly Americans who are unable to meet basic needs might be eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. At David E. Friedes & Associates in Toledo, I am an attorney with more than three decades of experience helping residents of the Toledo area and beyond secure payments to cover vital expenses such as food, clothing and shelter. My firm works closely with applicants to explain the relevant standards that govern SSI claims and Medicaid coverage and prepares thorough, accurate claims to secure benefits that can make a crucial, positive difference in clients’ lives.

Experienced Ohio lawyer explains eligibility factors for SSI claimants

Unlike Social Security Disability, SSI is not an insurance program. Applicants do not have to demonstrate that they worked for a certain period of time in order to obtain benefits. Using the 2019 guidelines, single filers can receive up to $771 per month, with the limit for couples where both parties are eligible for benefits set at $1,157. These amounts can be affected by various factors, including whether someone already receives assistance for food and shelter. I will make sure that you are aware of each aspect of SSI proceedings, including:

  • Eligible conditions — Someone who is blind, over the age of 65 or unable to perform substantial gainful activity due to a disability is eligible to seek SSI benefits. Certain conditions that clearly qualify for disability classification under the Social Security Administration can trigger an expedited determination under the Compassionate Allowances programs. On the other hand, if your condition isn’t as clear-cut, I can gather the relevant evidence to make a compelling case on your behalf.
  • Income and resources —Single filers cannot have countable resources that exceed $2,000, and couples’ resources cannot exceed $3,000. Not all income is taken into account when determining if an applicant is able to receive SSI. Resources that figure into the calculation include cash, investments such as stocks, and bank account proceeds. However, the home you live in, one vehicle and certain other personal effects are not counted.
  • Returning to work — Though there are strict requirements that limit who can collect SSI payments, provisions exist to encourage disabled individuals who wish to earn income. In some instances, you might be able to hold on to Medicaid coverage or supplemental income checks even if you’ve returned to work. My firm will go over your options so that you understand the potential consequences associated with each choice.

Throughout northwest Ohio, southeast Michigan and parts of upstate New York, my firm provides effective counsel to individuals and couples at every stage of the SSI claims process.

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David E. Friedes & Associates assists individuals in Lucas County who are seeking Supplemental Security Income benefits. To discuss your matter with a qualified SSI attorney, please call 419-842-9902 or contact me online. My office is located in Toledo.

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